TLaRue specializes in services that will strengthen the foundation and structure of ANY company by providing tools and support to small business owners, non profit organizers, and decision makers.  We assess, strategize, and plan, to help YOU turn your vision into reality.


SoTLaRue Services

We provide customized strategic tools that are results - driven, data -  driven, and vision-driven.  Our services are delivered with integrity,  knowledge, and experience and guarantee long term success.

We offer management/leadership solutions, corporate training and assessment workshops, Anonymous Customer Transactions (ACT), BossUp Design Makeovers and more.

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A.C.T. - Anonymous Customer Transactions

A.C.T. will improve the customer vibe YOUR company provides through unbiased and discreet feedback. Using a customized A.C.T. program, we assess YOUR company's customer vibe by gathering data discreet, screened, and trained A.C.T.ors. The result is an A.C.T. Now Report that includes recommendations that you can A.C.T. upon immediately to see results and stop losing money.

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Speaking Offline with TLaRue

Speaking Offline with TLaRue is an independently organized radio show that airs on every Tuesday on blogtalkradio.com  at 9 PM EST.  #SoTLaRue is hosted by me, Tamisha LaRue, MBA, and is a platform  to bring awareness to the many strategic solutions available to decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.  Our goal is to foster learning, inspiration, creativity, and  conversations that matter to entrepreneurs.

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Success is not haphazard. Making each step intentional, makes each step an opportunity to get closer to your vision.

— TLaRue